AQ Testing Services, LLC

The Mold Assessment Consulting Firm


Customer service at AQ Testing Services is second to none. I was able to speak with Linda about an urgent matter quickly and easily. She even took a call outside of business hours. I would recommend her to anyone who needs an honest evaluation of their mold issue. No ulterior motivations at AQ Testing - just expert services.           -- Rick S. 4/13/2015


Linda: Words cannot express my appreciation of you to guide me thru the world of mold!!! Thank you for taking my questions late at night and early in the morning. You are an angel and a light ~ thank you for everything. With Appreciation!!!        - Alexander  T. 12/28/2012


Linda's AQ Testing Services uses my lab analyses, she is a meticulous professional, with stringent industrial standards, trustworthy and reliable for her customers, accurate  for inspection and testing resutls. AQ Testing Services LLC is the first choice for mold inspection, material inspection, realty microbial inspection, Chinese drywall inspection.            ---Jay J   12/30/2012


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